The city of Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut is located in a region of strategic importance with respect to ecology and landscape. The surrounding natural open spaces boast a rich biodiversity, as well as many archaeological and national heritage sites. The city sits on the national ecological corridor. This corridor constitutes a continuum of open spaces stretching from the north of the country to the south, enabling biological diversity and the passage of wildlife between various habitats.

 Such sites draw interested hikers from both the city's near environs and from all over Israel. However, as plans are being considered for the city's future development, preservation of the surrounding open spaces has arisen as a major issue in public discourse.

The European Union (EU) and the German Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) support a range of Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) activities in the city of Modi'in, with the goal of preserving and improving the quality of these areas. This website produced through the generous support of the EU and the HSF, presents major Modi'in tourist sites, and data regarding the state of the flora and fauna, obtained through field surveys performed in the context of a unique program funded by HSF and the EU.

What makes the city of Modi'in unique are the natural open spaces surrounding it. These spaces serve as a point of attraction for people wishing to live in a green environment rich in flora and fauna located in Israel's central region. They also provide a solution for people who want to go on hikes in the great outdoors without having to travel far, and even without needing private transportation.

The website provide an opportunity for everyone to get to know the multi-layered natural territories that are so identified with the city of Modi'in. We invite you to get out and visit the sites described here, and to take advantage of the information on the website, and, by doing so, to highlight and support the need to preserve the open spaces for us and for future generations.


Modi'in Community, The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel


Safety and Caution Guidelines:

Do not harm animals. Do not approach bird nests or animal dens during the breeding season. Remember that these are protected species; do not pick wildflowers; do not leave the marked trails – there are cisterns and caves at many sites.

Each individual hiker bears a personal responsibility; walking is permitted only on the marked trails, and it is recommended to bring an updated trail map, No. 9. Trail routes may change due to erosion, agricultural work, or military training areas, and this must be taken into account when setting out. Do not rely on the water sources located on the hills, and make sure to bring appropriate supplies and equipment with you. Do not leave garbage along the trail.

If you encounter any hazard, please contact the Modi'in municipal hotline. If you see an injured animal, animal traps, or anything else disturbing the wildlife, please notify the Israel Nature and Parks Authority inspectors by calling the hotline at: *3639.